Ken Dawson-Scully

Ken Dawson-Scully, Ph.D.

Associate Director,
FAU Brain Institute
Associate Professor,
Biological Sciences

Office: SC 1, Room 227, Boca Raton Campus
Phone: 561.297.0337

Biography: Dawson-Scully was born and educated in Canada where he received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 2003 and his M.Sc. from Queen’s University in 1998. He came to FAU in 2008 and is currently a tenured associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, a visiting investigator at The Scripps Research Institute in Florida, and a faculty member of the newly formed International Max Planck Research School.

He has served as the associate director for the Integrative Biology Ph.D. program for almost three years and currently sits on over a dozen academic committees dedicated to student success including the University Honors Council, the College Graduate Program Committee, and the Curriculum and Selection Committees for the new Max Planck Research School Ph.D. Program.

“I am delighted to be able to tap Ken’s passion for training junior scientists and his deep knowledge of academic programs across the FAU campuses,“ said Randy D. Blakely, Ph.D., Brain Institute Executive Director. “With the institute main office located on the Jupiter campus, the location of Ken’s research program in Boca Raton will strengthen our ability to reach across campuses as we work to enhance neuroscience educational activities.”

Dawson-Scully's laboratory investigates ways to protect the brain from neurodegeneration as a result of acute and/or chronic cellular stress using the genetic model organism, the fruit fly D. melanogaster. His research has identified a number of molecular targets that can rescue high temperature, low oxygen and oxidative stress in the fruit fly nervous system, as a model for human diseases such as stroke and epilepsy. He gave an interview about his research on the program “People Behind The Science,” which you can listen to here.

Florida Atlantic University
SC 1 / Room 227
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
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