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South Florida Center and Aquarium

South Florida Center and Aquarium

The Science Center revolves around the premise that science is exciting! Science means adventure and exploration and we deliver to schools, visitors and campers an entirely new set of science programming and tech ventures based on computer coding, robotics and other leading-edge educational programs.

FAU Brain Institute Designated ‘Nikon Center Of Excellence’

The Brain Institute in Jupiter has become one of seven designated Nikon Center of Excellence locations in the United States.
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A Nikon Center of Excellence (NCE) is a partnership and exchange of knowledge with selected research centers around the world that invest in Nikon advanced imaging instruments to provide young researchers access to the latest optical systems.

The research centers benefit from Nikon technical knowledge and this access to high-end research microscopes at a favorable cost.

Nikon gains a showcase for its products and invaluable feedback from “up and coming” researchers who can share new emerging applications and science in specific research areas.

Nikon Partnerships Around the Globe