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The Graduate Neuroscience Training Program offers courses in modern areas of neuroscience ranging from cell and molecular neuroscience, as studied in model organisms, to circuit level investigations of behavior, to systems and cognitive neuroscience, studied in humans. Internationally recognized speakers provide guest seminars in cutting-edge neuroscience topics, see FAU Neuroscience Seminar Series.
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Immediately upon entering the program, our students engage in research targeted to the fundamental properties of brain molecules, synapses and circuits and how perturbations of brain structure and function underlie devastating brain disorders.
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FAU neuroscientists and their trainees not only investigate the changes in the brain that increase risk for brain disorders, many work in concert with clinical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners to translate their findings into Improved diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities.
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Central to the activities of the students in our programs is a commitment to increase appreciation among non-scientists, young and old, of the progress and promise of brain research and to communicate how our activities can help relieve the stigma often associated with brain disorders.

Affiliated PhD Programs

Integrative Biology and Neuroscience, Complex Systems and Brain Sciences and Experimental Psychology